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Reading challenge: 2 books in 7 days

My goal is to enlighten victims of depression, anxiety, and self-doubt about the need to begin the battle from within, conquering every element of low self-esteem, self-rejection, etc. before focusing on the external factors. I strongly believe that with self-love, self-happiness, and inner satisfaction towards whatever comes their ways, wonders can happen!

As a result of the undying vision I have for enlightening victims of these psychological/social issues, I have authored several bestsellers that tackled the topics comprehensively, recommended effective solutions, and suggested daily tips to keep readers all positive. I am forever committed to this course through my writings, which has pushed me to release a special edition on self-improvement which has been making wave since release. At the moment, I am currently working on a blockbuster that focuses on art therapy coming out any moment from now- watch out for it!

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